Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide pet taxi services during Chinese New Year period?

Yes, we do. The charge for Chinese New Year (Eve, 1st & 2nd day) is 50% surcharge of Public Holiday rate.

What are the charges for entry into Sentosa?

An additional charge of $20 applies for entry to Sentosa.

Do you offer waiting time for the return trip?

Yes, we offer a waiting time of 2 hours for the return trip. Any time exceeding 2 hours of waiting will be charged $5 per 15-minute blocks.

Do I have to pay for the ERP & Parking charges?

Yes. ERP and car park charges exceeding $5 (if any) will be billed accordingly in addition to the pet taxi rates.

What is the charge for the waiting time at the vet?

Waiting time at the vet is $10 per hour.

Is there any charge for an additional dog?

Yes, per extra dog will be an additional charge of $5 onwards.

What is the charge for visiting vets without the owners?

The Handling Charges of $20 onwards for visits to vet without owners.

Is there any charge for additional pickup points?

Yes, additional pickup point will incur $10 top-ups (15 minutes grace).

Is there any charge for same day booking?

Yes, additional charges of $5 for Same-Day booking.

Is there any charge for additional following passenger?

No, extra passenger ride for free.

My dog is sick. Can I still use your service?

Of course! Do bring along the necessary equipment if your dog is vomiting or having diarrhea (e.g. plastic bags).

What about emergency pet ambulance services?

Taxi.pet also provides after-hours transport for pets. We keep a list of updated 24/7 vets to contact in cases of emergency. Rates start at $150.

Do I have to cage my pet?

No, there is no need to cage your pet. We understand that pets do not like to be caged up. Your pets will be able to stay in comfort with you throughout the ride.

How long in advance must we book your pet taxi service?

Our pet taxi weekend slots are popular and are usually booked in advanced, so do contact us as soon as you have the date and time in mind. Nevertheless, you can still contact us anytime you need a pet taxi service, and we will try our best to facilitate.

Do I have to crate my furkid in the pet taxi?

We hope to provide a stress-free pet taxi experience for your furkids. Dogs do not have to be crated unless you prefer them to be so. If your furkid happens to be a cat, rabbit or hamster, they would need to be crated for their safety. Do let us know prior to booking if you need us to provide you with a crate.

Do you transport shy, nervous or aggressive dogs in your pet taxi? How about dogs with other issues?

If your furkid is taking a ride for the first time or has any other issues, do let us know in advance when booking our pet taxi. Your furkid may feel shy or nervous at the onset, so they may require some introduction, extra time, and some coaxing to get into the car confidently.

Is your pet taxi service 24 hours?

Yes, our pet taxi operates 24/7! We only charge an extra surcharge between midnight to 8am, but these timings are reserved only for emergency or case-by-case basis. In the case of any emergency, please do not use email, SMS, or Whatsapp, as it may not reach us in time. Just call us!

What are your pet taxi charges and when do I have to make payment for your service?

We charge a flat rate for single or round trip regardless of distance. Any online payment transfers have to be made before the trip. Otherwise, payment would have to be made in cash upon arrival at the destination.

What are the payment modes available?

At the moment, we are only accepting Cash, Internet banking, and Cheques.