Safe and worry-free transportation of your
pet to anywhere in Singapore.

Get your animal where they need to go.

Makes every effort to provide the best service
to you and your little one.

We love your pets as much as you do.

We also provide 24/7 pet ambulance
transportation services.

Life is precious.

Welcome to our pet taxi! is a dedicated pet taxi service, providing cheap, fast and reliable pet transport in Singapore

It’s difficult to bring your pets around Singapore, given the strict laws restricting pets on board of the MRTs and buses. Trips to the vet and groomer, or even just a fun outing to the beach can become a hassle for you, your pet, and your family. With our pet taxi services, we hope to be able to bring more convenience and joy to you and your pet’s life in Singapore.


Prices stated are subject to changes without prior notice. All prices quoted are nett.

Mon to Sat (8am to 8pm)

Single trip - $40
Round trip - $70

Mon to Sat (8pm to 10pm)

Single trip - $50
Round trip - $90

Emergency (10pm to 8am)

Single trip - $150

Sunday & Public Holidays

Single trip - $60
Round trip - $110

newS & events

We value our loyal customers!

PetExpo 2017 The Largest Pet Fair

Into its fourth edition, Pet Expo 2017 will continue to excite you with a paw-some showcase of businesses, educational and engaging activities focused on pets and their well-beings.

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Our regular customers get 10% off!

As a token of appreciation for our loyal customers’ support, we would like to entitle a 10% off of your future trips with us.

Family and Doggie Carnival @ Changi

Spend a special day with your family and your beloved furry friend. Enjoy a beautiful family walk on the boardwalk from 9am to 11am followed by a lively doggie carnival at 11am. Admission is free!

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Why would I need a Pet Taxi in Singapore?

Need to transport them to a pet-sitter or the vet? operates an affordable, city-wide pet transport service that helps you move your pet in a safe, secure, and hygienic way. We understand how difficult it can be to find a legal method of transporting your pet, especially if you don’t have a car

One of the main reasons you’ll need a pet taxi in Singapore is because Singapore doesn’t exactly have a pet-friendly environment, unlike most Western countries (e.g. US, Canada, Switzerland, Germany). Only small breeds of dogs are allowed in HDB flats (our public housing), while cats are banned entirely. Pets are not allowed on board of our public transport, and that’s why you don’t see many pets around while traveling in Singapore. The next option, taxis, is not exactly a good solution either. Any average Singaporean will tell you how taxis in Singapore operate – they follow Murphy’s law. When you need them, they’re gone, and when you’re not looking to travel anywhere, you see a line of green-lighted cabs, one after another. It is simply frustrating.

That’s not all. Comfort-Delgro, one of Singapore’s largest taxi companies, states that all dogs must be muzzled or caged. That’s pretty ironic for a company with “comfort” in their name. Rules and restrictions aside, we still need to deal with the personal preference of taxi drivers, whether they choose to pick up your pets or not. There’s plenty of reasons for them to reject you. Your dogs will drop their saliva all over, your cats might claw their leather seats, and it’s almost a fact that most animals carry some smell and leave behind a trail of fur. Not only is this a mess for the taxi driver to clean up, but it might also make it uncomfortable for future passengers too.

So what now? This is when you pick up the phone to call +65 90544886 because we’re the perfect solution! As one of the best pet taxis in Singapore, we’re eager to serve your pet’s transport needs. In fact, we love pets so much that we actually prefer sending pets than humans. No awkward conversations, no complaints, just happy animals that brighten up our day (that being said, of course, we want to serve fellow pet owners too). So the next time you need to travel around Singapore with your furballs, don’t hesitate to give a call!


I have depended on to help me get my pets to life-saving situations. Whether the trip is long or short, my animals are always looked after with the greatest care. It’s good to know this kind of assistance is available and on time.


Thank you for such excellent service this morning! We had a great ride. Our dog, Owen, couldn’t wait to get back into the van on our way home. Thank You! We will definitely use your services again!